Our Catholic Faith

St Anne’s Catholic Primary School has been serving the Catholic community of Wrexham since 1967. The primary role of a Catholic school is to support the Catholic Church in promoting the Catholic faith amongst the local community.

We are very proud to be a Catholic School and a part of the Wrexham Diocese family of schools. Church schools are inclusive by nature, welcoming children and families of all faiths and none, while recognising that faith is something that shapes people’s lives. We are committed to celebrating the rich heritage of faith, language and culture in Wales and provide a natural point of community focus.

The religious objectives and activities of a Catholic School require the school to strive to model the values of the Gospel and to adhere in the substantive life choices to the teaching of the Catholic Church.

We have strong links with St Anne’s Parish Church, which is situated right next door to the school, and attend Mass regularly.

Catholic Life of the School

At St. Anne’s,  we are a school of  love and hope. We believe that a Catholic education develops the full potential of all young people, leading to their life-long activities being guided by the Spirit and presence of Christ, in the service of God and of others.

It is a unique journey through education as it puts all learning and teaching in a Catholic moral context ultimately both challenging and supporting young people to develop in mind, body and spirit. The role of a Catholic school is to help everyone in the school community to discover the true value and dignity of each and every human being.

The school focuses on the education of the whole child. It is centred on Gospel values and reflecting on the teaching of the Catholic Church. Hence, the formation of each person is regarded as being as important as the information which is transmitted through the teaching offered.

Parents are the first educators of their child in faith and a strong home-school link is fundamental in supporting the school in its mission . Together, we provide support for the faith community, helping to form a Christian conscience, and in addressing the increasingly secular influences of popular culture.

Please read our most recent Section 50 Inspection Report by clicking on the link below.


Faith Council

Our Faith Council are pupils from Year 1 – Year 6, who have been nominated by their peers to further enhance the Catholic Life of our school. 

Collective Worship and Prayer Life

Children take part in a daily act of Collective Worship, as well as special celebrations throughout the year, including Mass, child led Collective Worship and Key Stage liturgies.

Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies is a group primary school young people who get together to help those in need within their school and local community. Mini Vinnies introduces children to social justice issues and to living faith through action as part of the St Vincent de Paul Society. Our group is run for Year 4/5/6 pupils and led by Miss E Davies and Mrs Blackwell.