Welcome to Reception class’ page. Our Reception class has 21 pupils and is led by myself; Miss Davies. We are extremely lucky to have four teaching assistants supporting at different times of the week. The teaching assistants are; Mrs Prince, Miss Edwards, Mrs Kosinski, and Mrs Sales. In the Reception year the children learn through carefully enhanced and planned play, with different exciting and engaging activities each week. The children are also given the opportunity to learn, explore and play freely indoors or outdoors. During the Reception year the children will become more independent learners, they will build friendships and their little characters will evolve and blossom.


Autumn Term

I hope you all had a very enjoyable summer, it is lovely to see all of the children back at school and full of energy. This term we are going to be very busy! We will be learning about the following topics;

Super me 

In this topic the children will learn all about themselves and why they are special. They will begin to explore their senses and label parts of the body.

We will learn about people who help us and the world of work.

Bonfire Night

Describing fireworks

Making firework sounds and movements

Exploring colours

Making chocolate apples



Learn about the Nativity story

Sequence the Nativity story

Make Christmas cards

Write a list for Santa

Make a range of Christmas crafts


*We will be learning our Phase 2 phonics daily, please continue to practise the letter sounds at home.  The following websites will support your child’s learning;

Teaching Literacy with Jolly Phonics