St Andrew/San Andrew

Welcome back!! 

Children have settled back into school so well and its lovely to have been so busy so far! 

This term we are looking at settlements, both locally and nationally. We are celebrating Roald Dahl day and looking at many books. In maths we look at place value, decimals, rounding and multiply by ten,100,1000 as well as estimating and measuring capacity, length and weight.  

We will also be looking at materials in science and will be taking part in some fun experiments to see whether changes to certain materials are reversible or irreversible. We will also start looking at internet safety and will be designing our own computer games with a focus on safety. 

Up until Christmas we will be going swimming every Friday morning. 

Children will be given a reading day to bring their bookbags in and please read with them at home every day. This is proven to help learning across the curriculum.  

We have another trip in October to a farm and can also go pumpkin picking! 

Children in year 5 will be having the opportunity to train as play makers and in year 6 they will have the opportunity to train as ambassadors.  

All year 6 children are now prefects within the school, however they can lose this privilege if their behaviour is not appropriate.   

Any concerns please speak to us at the door or message us on seesaw. If needed we can make an appointment to discuss things. 

Mrs Nicholls and Miss Campbell