St Anne’s Governing Body is made up of Foundation Governors (appointed by the Bishop), Local Authority Governors, Parents and Staff members. There are 3 full board of Governors meetings a year and each Governor is responsible for attending a variety of committees to raise standards within the school.

Chair of GovernorsMr Roy Dolan
Vice Chair of GovernorsMr Brendan McDonald
HeadteacherMrs Claire Priest Jones
Foundation GovernorsFather Zbigniew

Mrs Angela Edwards

Mr Chris Feliciello

Mrs Frances Perrin

Mr Hugh Griffiths

Mrs Susan Doughty

Mr John Harkin

Parent GovernorsMiss Lucy Doughty
Local Authority GovernorsMiss Dorothy Mitchell

Mr David Davies

Mrs Patricia Williams

Staff GovernorsMrs Wendy Pritchard

Mrs Clare Stephens

Clerk to the Governing BodyMrs Alison Gillespie