St Francis/San Francis

Welcome to Class 3/4

This term we are journeying back to the past 2000 years ago. A few weeks ago, we discovered artefacts in the school grounds and this led us on a journey of discovery. We examined them carefully, measured them, took photographs and tried to work out how old they were and what they were used for. This led us back to the year 79AD in Dewa, known as Chester today. We have discovered that the Romans arrived by boat along the River Dee and built a Roman fortress called Dewa as a base for their soldiers and attacking the north of the country. It was hoped that Dewa would become the capital of Britannia and that is why it had the biggest amphitheatre outside of Rome!

We have learnt that the Romans had an amazing army that was well-organised, well paid, efficient and trained for battle. The Romans actually brought ideas that we still use today including roads, bridges, baths and even underfloor heating! We have heard some really funny things too such as the Romans found it so cold here, they wore woolly underpants, and the Celts, their enemies, fought naked whilst making scary faces and terrifying noises. Can you imagine!

We hope you will join us on this exciting adventure as we build our own forts, design and make Roman jewellery, try Roman recipes and go in search of Roman remains in Chester!