Year 3 / Blwyddyn Tri


Welcome to Class 3

This term in Class 3, we have been finding out about Extreme Weathers. We started with the Extreme cold, focusing on the Arctic! We have loved learning about this beautiful place on Earth. We researched the animals that live there and how they have adapted to the extreme cold. We are building little habitats such as a den for a polar bear and her cubs. We have been busy locating the Arctic on globes and in Atlases, discovering which countries are within the Arctic Circle. We learned how to read and record temperatures on a thermometer and then looked at temperatures around the world and compared them. Did you know temperatures in the Arctic can fall to -40 degrees! We did experiments to see if blubber really does keep the animals warm in the Arctic. It was amazing, we dipped our hands in ice wearing a glove filled with blubber. It kept our hands toasty warm inside the ice.
Next we move on to the hottest places on Earth and extreme weathers such as sandstorms, cyclones, electric storms, blizzards and floods. We can’t wait!