Dosbarth Tri/Class Three

Summer Term

Welcome to Dosbarth Tri,

This term our topic is The BFG. We have been using the classic Roald Dahl story to guide our learning across the curriculum. In literacy, the children wrote wanted posters after we found out that the Fleshlumeater had been spotted wandering the streets of Wrexham! In humanities, we delved into Roald Dahl’s life and found out that he was born in Cardiff and used to be a fighter pilot, and then we located Wrexham and Cardiff on a map of Wales. The BFG lives in a cave, so we focused on the Lascaux Cave Paintings and then created our own cave paintings using sticks for paint brushes – this was lots of fun!

We have been focusing on place value in numeracy using place value charts, part-whole models and number lines. Lastly, in RE, we have been looking at the Creation Story and then learned and performed a song using the words from Psalm 8.

It has been a great half-term and all the children have settled into KS2 really well. More updates coming soon!

Many thanks,

Mr Williams and Miss Healey

Autumn Term

Last term we looked at the Victorian Era. We explored children`s work life, school life and the rights they had as children. The children also enjoyed making Victorian toys and dolls in Expressive Arts. As a class we also visited Erlas in Wrexham to compare photographs from the Victorian Era to the present day and discussed how life has changed. The children enjoyed delving deeper into a Victorian life and understanding what it would have been like if they were born in the Victorian Era.

Spring Term

This term the chosen topic is `All around the World` with Dewi our class dragon. The children will be exploring 5 different counties from around the world. These will be Alaska, India, Peru, Australia China. The children will explore their national dish is, the languages they speak and how the countries climate can affect food growth.

What we will be covering this term in other subjects:

  • R.E- We will be looking at Miracles, Parables and Epiphany.
  • Science – We will be exploring different fruit and vegetables life cycles and how weather conditions can have a big impact on food growth.
  • Literacy- The children will be exploring stories from different countries. They will understand how to adapt and change the story to create a new story.
  • Maths- Exploring and understanding how we use different measurements.

Volcano Day!