Dosbarth Tri/Class Three

Summer Term

Welcome to Class 3/4,

This term our topic is endangered animals. We have been using our research skills to create a class fact file bursting with interesting information about lots of different endangered animals. We discovered that one of the main reasons why animals become endangered is due to threats to their habitat, so we had a discussion about what we would do if builders wanted to build houses on our field and how this would affect the wildlife and our school as a whole. This lead to us to explore protests and we decided to organise a protest to stop the builders taking our field away. Firstly, we came up with lots of different reasons why we wanted to keep our field the way it is, then we designed protest signs, made homemade megaphones and learnt a protest song.

We also raised money and adopted an animal from the WWF, and went on a school trip to Chester Zoo. It was really interesting and fun!