Our Values

We are proud to be a Catholic School. As a church school, values are very important to us and are woven into daily life across our school.

There are 8 values, based on the Beatitudes in Matthew’s Gospel and 4 Virtues. They are explored and practised every day in school, in order for every child and adult to be the best person they can be, following the teachings of Jesus. 

  • Humility – seeing life as a gift
  • Compassion – having empathy
  • Kindness – gentleness
  • Justice – working for a fairer world
  • Forgiveness – reconciling with self and others
  • Integrity – do what you say
  • Peace – committed to peace making and non-violence
  • Courage – standing up for the truth

The children have demonstrated huge awareness of the Gospel Values and these can be witnessed in all walks of school life.

Gospel values are the way in which we demonstrate the values which Jesus teaches us through the Gospels. “How we behave towards others.”