Year 4

The children in Year 4 have settled back well into class since our return to school in September, and we are really proud of the way they are responding to the Covid safety measures we have put in place. Our topic for the Autumn term is Changing and Comparing and we will be looking at seasonal changes and how Climate Change is affecting our world. On Monday 28th September the class enjoyed four visiting teachers to the class who ran lessons based on our topic, which they really enjoyed. In the second half of the Autumn term the topic will have more of a history theme, when we will compare our lives today with how the Victorians lived.

In our Science lessons we are currently thinking about how healthy our diet is, and can we make any changes. We will be tasting a range of foods, with the children hopefully trying things they haven’t eaten before. After half term we will be learning about thermal insulation and will investigate which materials are good at keeping things warm or cold.  We will learn how to use datalogger equipment to record temperatures in a number of different locations around the school, and make comparisons.

We have also been getting much fitter will our ‘Daily Mile’ activity and enjoying being ‘monkeys’ on the Trim Trail, Later in the term they will enjoy a number of ball sports lessons run by the ever popular George. Maybe a future Gareth Bale is hiding amongst us. Children need to come to school on Tuesdays and Fridays in their PE kits at the moment, as these are the days our PE lessons take place.

I have set up a Google Classroom page where I will post any important messages about things happening in class or school. It will also have any homework instructions on it. The children will be shown how to access this so they can look at what they have to do each week.

Book bags will be sent home on Fridays with a book for them to enjoy reading over the weekend with parents and carers. They will also have their weekly spelling list to learn over the week ready for Friday mornings spelling test. Please send your child’s book bag back in with them on Monday mornings, so we can help them with their reading skills during the week.