Year 2 / Blwyddyn Dau

Welcome to our Year 2 news page!

This term in Year 2 we are focussing on Long, long ago. We started by looking at the Stone Age and thinking about what kind of houses they lived in, the clothes they wore, the food they ate and what they did for fun! We made some Stone Age jewellery and created some cave paintings too. It was so much fun as we switched the lights off so it was dark like a cave! We are now in the second era we are focussing on which is the Victorian era. We will be looking at what school was like for Victorian children and what they did for work. We will also take part in some activities that the Victorians used to do. Our final era that we will look at this term is the Medieval era!

We have also been learning new phrases in Welsh as well as looking into the history of Wales and have learnt all about St Dwynwyn and Beth Gelert. We performed a puppet show to retell the story of Beth Gelert and we designed our own Welsh love spoons to celebrate St Dwynwyn’s Day.

Just a reminder that our PE day has changed to a Thursday and this half term the sport we are focussing on is hockey!

Please remember to bring your book bags in on Monday and they will be handed back out on a Friday for you to read at home over the weekend.

If you have any questions then please get in touch with me through Seesaw or phone the school to make an appointment time with me.

Miss Campbell, Mrs Roberts, Ms Evans.