Year 2

Class 2

Year 2 had a lovely start to the year with our class assembly all about winter. The children performed brilliantly and enjoyed having their parents to come and watch. Linking to our assembly, we decided to raise money for the RSPCA (caring for animals in winter) by having a cake sale in the hall. We raised an amazing £90. Big thanks to all the parents and grandparents who baked cakes for us to sell!

In Year 2 this term, our topic has been based around the book ‘One Snowy Night’ by Nick Butterworth. The story is about some woodland animals who come to find shelter in Percy’s hut one very cold and snowy night.

We’ve had lots of fun and been very busy! Our role play area became Percy’s Hut. Our small world area became snowy arctic lands. We hot-seated the characters from the story, wrote a letter to Percy and made character puppets to name but a few things. We’ve also been finding out about day and night, the sun and the moon and nocturnal animals. In a few weeks a Chester Zoo safari ranger will be visiting us to tell us more about night animals, and we’re hoping they’ll bring a few little friends along too!