Our Team

We have a dedicated and highly committed staff team who collaborate to deliver the highest quality teaching and learning experiences for our pupils. They also work to provide support for our families and wider community.


Mrs Priest Jones

Deputy Headteacher/ALNCO

Mrs Stephens

Nursery Staff

Mrs Garnham/Miss Evans

Reception Staff

Miss E Davies/Miss Peggy

Year One Staff

Miss C Davies/Mrs Roberts

Year Two Staff

Miss Kirk/Miss Forward

Year Three Staff

Mr Williams/ Miss Healey /Miss Tomlinson

Year Four Staff

Mrs Humphreys/Miss Lancaster

Year Four/Five Staff

Mrs Hughes/Mrs Griffiths

Year Six Staff

Mrs Nicholls/Miss Anthony

Class Seven Staff

Mrs Rooney/Mrs Sales

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Pritchard

Office Staff

Mrs Thomas


Mr Thomas


Mrs Williams

Cook in Charge