Tickets for Nursery to Year 4 Christmas Concert

This year the children from Nursery to Year 4 are performing their Christmas concert. The concert dates are as follows: 
Monday 9th December at 2pm  Tuesday 10th December at 10am  Wednesday 11th December at 10am 
Tickets will be on sale from tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd December and will cost £1. To make the system fair every FAMILY will be allowed to purchase 2 tickets for a show of their choice and then any surplus tickets will be given to those on the reserve list. 
Mrs Blackwell will be selling tickets in the school cabin (on infant yard) at 9am and 3pm on the following days: 
Tuesday 3rd December  Wednesday 4th December  Thursday 5th December 
Reserve/additional tickets will then be available on Friday 6th December. 
Mrs Stephens 
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