Year 5: World War two day

G Nicholls (St Annes Catholic Primary School) has shared OneDrive for Business files with you. To view them, click the links below.
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dc-jpg_20.png IMG_2366.JPG
dc-jpg_20.png IMG_2367.JPG
dc-jpg_20.png IMG_2369.JPG
dc-jpg_20.png IMG_2370.JPG
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dc-jpg_20.png IMG_2372.JPG
dc-jpg_20.png IMG_2373.JPG
dc-jpg_20.png IMG_2377.JPG
dc-jpg_20.png IMG_2378.JPG
dc-jpg_20.png IMG_2379.JPG
dc-jpg_20.png IMG_2380.JPG

What a fantastic and busy day! Hands on artefacts, dressing up, camouflage, maths and literacy activities, flags, weapons and games. Incredible day for the children.

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