Given to Shine

CAIA PARK RESIDENTS, we’ve got fantastic news for you! Your neighbours have come to the rescue with little time to spare!

We’re bringing some festive cheer to you on Christmas Eve by offering free food to all.

Food will be available from approximately 6:30-8pm from The Hub, Caia Park Partnership, Prince Charles Road, LL13 8TH, there may be a slight delay so keep checking, our elves are trying their best but delays are possible! This venue will be restocked throughout the evening so please don’t worry about rushing to get there early, food will be available for all!

The food available will be predominantly seasonal vegetables and bread, but we may have a bit of fruit too.

We kindly ask you to bring your own bags as there will not be any provided, and feel free to collect for your neighbours who may struggle to attend themselves.

Please bear with us if we’re a few minutes late (or early) on the day; our Christmas Elves have a huge task on their hands to make this possible.

For other areas, we shall hopefully be announcing collection points for you soon, we are still struggling in some areas so apologies in advance if there isn’t one nearby.

ANYONE can access ANY collection point too! We are trying to make food available in as many areas as possible but we rely on kind hearted strangers to donate their time and premises to make this happen.

We’ve are working tirelessly to arrange venues in as many villages as possible but are struggling some places – please get in touch if you can secure something in a missing location.

Very Best Wishes,

Given To Shine