School re-opening

Good morning, many of you will have seen the news yesterday regarding schools in Wales opening for an extra week in the summer term. This has led to confusion for schools and to our original plans. The local authority have requested the opinions of all school staff by midday today so I hope a decision will be made later today. You will receive individual letters about reopening as soon as we have an update. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is out of our hands. Diolch.

FAO Nursery parents

Good afternoon Parents and Carers, I have just received information from the local authority that schools are not expected to provide ‘check in and catchup’ days for Nursery children before the end of the summer term. Mrs Garnham will continue to provide distance learning for parents to access at home. The school will still provide care and support for keyworkers with nursery age children. Sorry for the inconvenience. Mrs Priest-Jones

Urgent – information required

Good evening parents and carers, I have been notified by my staff that many parents have not yet responded to messages regarding the reopening of school on 29th June. You should be aware that we will not be chasing parents and any requests after tomorrow will not be accepted. There is a lot of planning involved over the next few weeks for senior management, teachers and the rest of the team at St Anne’s. We feel that you have been given sufficient information and time to consider sending your children back to school.  If we have not had a response from parents by tomorrow at 9.30am, we will presume you are not sending your children back to school until September. Thank you, Mrs Priest-Jones.


Good Afternoon, 
There has been a change in the date we must have a response to whether or not you will be sending your child back to school on the 29th June. The new date that we need your decision is 9.30am on TUESDAY 9th June. It is VERY IMPORTANT that we have this information (response) by Tuesday. 
If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with class teachers or the school via the normal channels. 
Mrs Priest Jones

School update

Good morning,
Kirsty Williams (Education Minister for Wales) will be making an announcement at 12.30pm today regarding the reopening of schools in Wales. I have a meeting with the schools challenge advisor tomorrow and with the local authority on Friday morning. Once the governors and I have made decisions about the reopening of St Anne’s the staff and  I will contact all parents and carers. Thank you for your patience. Mrs Priest-Jones